Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017

What’s it about?

Victim portrays the co-existing stories of Tracey, the uptight prison guard, and Siobhan, the unpredictable Irish maverick prisoner A23174, and the manipulation and trust issues that surround their relationship.

What makes it good?

The change of lighting from a calm blue to an intense red which signifies the switch from prison guard to inmate, as both are played by the show’s sole cast member Louise Beresford. This also increases the tension which builds throughout the play. It gives an insight into prison life and makes you wonder, ultimately, who really is the victim?

The best bits

Louise makes the light switch near obsolete, as her entire demeanor and body language alone are sufficient to show the role change • She breaks the fourth wall to tell the characters’ stories to the audience, drawing us further into the suspense of their lives and story.